April 2012

One side love ?

30. april 2012 at 14:28 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )

I was long time thinking about one person . And finally .... ok .. ima really lost . I have no idea what to think about .
This person makes me feel like my love will be never for this one interesting .
I was fighting for so long , but it feels like waste of time . Cuz this one is more and more far away from me .
I don't wanna act like " omg ima sooo pooor "
No ... I'm not !!
I'm just tired of fighting for someone who doesn't want me .
My heart is telling me " that's anought "
Why i have to fight ? when da someone who gives fuck on me ?
It feels like ( someone ) really takes me like some idiot what takes ( da someone )as perfect person.
I will just fucking sit there and let fate do what it wants . Or what the one person wants and if this person really don't care about me . Fate wants it like this .
PS: ( why UKE have to fight for SEME ?? lolz ??)

Deeply working

25. april 2012 at 23:01 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )

I have to deeply work at my dreams .

I started to go out ,  most time of day be out . It's fun and  i wanna get slimmer  . I really use to diets . 
I'm more talking with people and  I also study more  and more same with german language   and english . 
 I'm trying to gets better my  ( running nose as someone says ) xD ima sick so if u understand what i mean .
 I love being in da forest .
 Even that i miss someone when im out ... I still love it .  I hope " someone " sometimes also miss me or something like that *q* ... 
But i don't know xD  yeah . And I'm deeply harder to myself .  
And i somehow started to like myself by it  . 
I'm a lot changeing  because i wanna be perfect for someone ♥
When i feelt like I will lost this person something inside me just told me ... STOP ! Saki you have to be better !
Positive if not totally so just more , no more bad moods and if i will have , i don't wanna bother anyone . Just try to take all easy even if it's not . Why I have to care ?
I care just about things wich i want ... Like the SOMEONE
She is perfect for me so I wanna become perfect to her .
It's not like short " in love " .... I can say ... I'm sure i wanna more then just be in relationship few months and END
I wanna be her own and forever.
We both are jealous people so that could do motivation for us like
" I don't like when someone does with her this so i will not do this too "
Ya know like .. both understanding to each others , haveing fun together not like " i wanna pause from ya "
Be best friends but lovers in one .
Ya know... just dreaming .. but if this does exist I wanna have it with this person .
Because how is see now fate wants us together . Now fate helps us . Now all show us in wich way we have to walk .
And i want because on end of this long way i see her waiting .
Maybe it will fail ... But why I have to care about fail ? If it will so siple fate don't want it .Nobody can change fate but everyone can change future or themself .
Believe me :) sometimes it helps like to me . :) ♥

FuQ yeah ! Korn ! xD

23. april 2012 at 20:28 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Music ♥


22. april 2012 at 20:23 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )
Aoi Inazuma Fest

Pictures :


for Yumi Sama

Can't let you go - Adam Lambert

22. april 2012 at 12:00 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Music ♥
I just love this song from him . ♥

My eyes xD

21. april 2012 at 20:25 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )
so now xD tel me what da fuck is this color xD cuz this is my natural and i fucking do not know what it is xd... kindof brown with white green grey and blue ? XDD

So weird! ♥

21. april 2012 at 17:43 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )
Please someone wake me up from this dream .
I feel like god wants us together all just ... connect us so much ...
It's like weird halucination ...
distance or languages - Just 2 years and everything can be changed ...


21. april 2012 at 11:11 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )
I have new Uruha xD....
Ok an awesome member to our group ! xD
yeah xD It makes me feel better cuz I'm ill xD... so you know i needed some good news xD
So we are again complete cosplay team !!!
She is Shima ! x) ♥

Webcam Photo

20. april 2012 at 18:03 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )
Me sitting alone in kitchen xD WEBCAM PHOTO

Two Korons ??

20. april 2012 at 17:49 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )

I have two Korons xD... * Joke * ... This is little Charlie ( 2.pic ) and Lady ( 3.pic )
I love them so much they are so cute and always support me ... so bad they are grandma's
Because then I can't see them everyday .


20. april 2012 at 17:38 | Saki-chaaan ! |  * Like *
I loveeee this picture *-*

Yesterday with Byou

20. april 2012 at 16:56 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )
Friend from my class is Byou - ScReW xDDD
and I'm Ruki as you can know xD
me and Byou xD goed fucking crazy xD we just laughted like idiots around city xD cuz we just tryed to go like conjoined twins and it did not worked ass well how we wanted xDDD .
You just imagine two idiots laughting alone close like lesbians ( Byou is hetero xD ) no no no XDDDDDD never again let him take pills for stomachache xD

Never will be ...

20. april 2012 at 16:45 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )
I know you will never care about me .
My heart is just more strong then my brain .
My heart is full of you my mind also .
I just can't say .... " ok, let's forget her "
I simply inside can't forget
Only what i can forget is pain in my heart
but i forget just when you want talk with me
when you give me some warm words
I feel like i'm thinking about you 24 hours .
It feels so deep in myself
So deep in my spirit
So deep inside my heart .
I will be waiting here forever alone
Just waiting for feeling what will never come .
You'r love...

Dry your tears looser ...

18. april 2012 at 22:50 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )
All my feelings just hide
Smile when I wanna cry
Everything what i do is for one person ...
Person who will never need me ...
Person what don't feel the same... and never will ...
Million people can tell me ... " you're stupid forget her "
I can't ... I'm trying it million times.... I just can't
It's not so easy... when u feel something to someone so strong like never before.
I wanna ignore distance and spend all money for her... but I just can't .
I wanna give her my heart but i think she will left it somewhere better ...
I wanna kill myself for her .... but will she mind ?
No, I just must close my heart and eyes ... be cold ... be strong ....dry my tears .... and hide my true face...

Preklad meho textu ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

When The Love Falls 3

15. april 2012 at 10:08 | Saki-chaaan ! |  FAN FICTION ( CZECH only !!! )
Zmozeny Uruha si vedle me lehl zakryl se moji dekou a jeho oci se zastavili pohledem na moje .
" Miluju te " zadival se na me jeste hloubeji
Ted byl cas ... Ho upozornit ze to byl ulet , nemuzu ho prece vyuzivat jeste vic .
" Uru ... ja ... ja tohle beru jen jako ... ulet ... " jeho oci opet zvlhly v slzach .
" C-coze ? to nemyslis vazne... " sedl si , zacal rychle mrkat aby se rozkoukal . Muselo mu byt strasne . Stejne i me bylo stydno . Zvedl se z postele nasoukal na sebe slipy a zbytek obleceni nasbiral do naruci . Jen jsem se dival pred sebe a moje oci se zacli zalevat litosti . Nechapu proc .. ale litoval jsem ho . Dvere udelali par zvuku nakonec se zaklapli a ja byl v mistnosti sam .
Bylo mi jasne ze tohle mi nikdy nebude odpusteno

Prisel jsem do pokoje a lehl jsem si vedle spiciho Aoie , ovsem neotocil jsem se na nej . Jen jsem se dival do stropu a myslel na Rukiho . Pri myslence na to ze ma neco s Uruhou me popadla zarlivost .
Aoi se pootocil smerem ke me " deje se neco ?? Byl jsi tam uz ?"...
" Jo byl jsem tam uz ... mel dost prace s Uruhou ."
"Coze ?! s Uru??!" rekl jakoby nastvane ....
" Aoi ... zarlis ?? na nej ?" rekl jsem nezne
" Ne... proc bych jako mel " trochu vydesenym tonem Aoi
" Prislo mi to tak , jestli to tak je ... rekni to hned ... nemusis se semnou trapit , taky tak nejak prichazim na to ze to mezi nama neni ono ... to co chci " dorekl jsem a Aoi se na me zadival
" Jo ... tak ... asi mas pravdu " pousmal se privetive
Celou noc jsme si pokecali od naseho vztahu az po normalni temata jako hystorky z mladi a tak dale . Az jsme okolo pul ctvrte rano oba usnuly , ale tentokrat uz jen jako kamaradi .
V tom se ozvalo obrovske bouchnuti dveri ktere cuklo i mnou .
" co se deje ?? " vysel jsem ven a uvidel jsem Uruhu s ubrecenyma ocima jak si polonahy nese obleceni v naruci .
Aoi mezi tim taky vztal a tak jsem citil povinnost vuci Uruhovi za nim Aoie poslat . Aoi sel a az moc rad .
Ja se mezi tim odhodlaval jit za Rukim .
Pomalu jsem otevrel dvere a uvidel jsem ho sedic na posteli s uplne rozteklou rasenkou a stiny na obliceji .
Byl nahy jen zakryty dekou docela i rozcuchany .
Prisedl jsem si pomalu k nemu a cekal jsem jestli neco rekne . Jedine co z nej ovsem vypadlo bylo chladne " Co tu chces ??"
" No vidim ze ti neni nejlip "
" To je jedno " svuj pohled sklopil dolu na svoji deku .
" Me to neni jedno , ad se stalo cokoliv ... cas to zahoji " Chtel jsem ho obejmout ale byl nahy takze by to bylo divne .
Na to se Ruki natvrdo rozbrecel . Ted uz to neslo neslo udrzet proste jsem ho obejmul , vsak tu svoji chloubu mel zakrytou takze komu to vadi . Faktem je ze ta predstava me vzrusovala . Ale to ze se trpi me zranovalo .

Koda Kumi

13. april 2012 at 17:59 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Music ♥
No japonska kraska :D i kdyz popova je nadherna ^_^


11. april 2012 at 12:50 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )

DUVOD : Protoze s tim mam problem
VAROVANI : Fans K-popu si to radci nectete

Takze asi takhle nesnasim K-POP ... Podle me je to nejvetsi shit co existuje . Proc ?

  • za prve davam prednost japonsku
  • za 2 je to totalni sracka
  • 3 mi to nici vztah
kdo nezna ... zkouknete ukazky ... a pokud mate aspon trochu cit pro hubu.... rychle to vypnete xD

Takze nikoho jsem snad v mem kratkem zivote neslysela zpivat falesne a jeste delat detinsky hlas + za to vydelavat

Kde maji tyce ???..... a ten song je trochu jako parodie na gummy bear :D

Jako tresnickou na dortu K-pop v podani chlapcu :D... rekneme ze zadna slava ... ale slecnam slusne nakopali prdel i takvym desem .


pro ukazku se podivejte jak se to hraje v japonsku :

J-pop :

Krasne , upravene , hrde ... a k tomu umeji zpivat :D provnejte z prvni ukazkou K-popu :D take 3 zpevacky :D a jak to dopadlo :D

2) J-pop
Japonky maji svoje kouzlo ne ? XDD ♥

3) J-rock haa ! ♥

Nevadi mi ze to poslouchate ... ale prosim ... necpete me to ... a mozna si zajdete na usni ... ♥ vas milovany nechpajici Saki se spunty v usich a laskou v srdci xD

Ruki cosplay - Painfull

8. april 2012 at 10:14 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )

Hadka s Uruhou ...( cosplay team )

8. april 2012 at 9:45 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )
Jak uz vite mam svuj vlastni cosplay team na the Gazette ...
No a ja delam Ruki ...
Vcera jsme se tak s Uru bavili o K-popu ktery ja tedy moc nemusim a tak jsem mu to proste napsal...
No a on si ti hned vzal moc k srdci . Pohadali jsme se az do takoveho stadia ze me boli u srdce a citim se strasne sevrene a steskne . Sice ja jsem psal ze se nechci hadat kvuli nejakymu shitu ale ne to ho nasralo jeste vic..... Pak utekl do prace a ja tu zustal ... no takzeee... uzas ... Pisu to tu protoze. Me to vazne stve a potrebuju se z toho vypsat . Jestli mate nejake rady a pripominky ... tak prosim.. coment ...

Sugar Ruki

3. april 2012 at 10:00 | Saki-chaaan ! |  * Like *
Tohle video me inspirovalo ke zmene jmena v zavorkach na FB na ( Sugar Ruki ) xD hai...