Deeply working

25. april 2012 at 23:01 | Saki-chaaan ! |  Saki Taion ( me )

I have to deeply work at my dreams .

I started to go out ,  most time of day be out . It's fun and  i wanna get slimmer  . I really use to diets . 
I'm more talking with people and  I also study more  and more same with german language   and english . 
 I'm trying to gets better my  ( running nose as someone says ) xD ima sick so if u understand what i mean .
 I love being in da forest .
 Even that i miss someone when im out ... I still love it .  I hope " someone " sometimes also miss me or something like that *q* ... 
But i don't know xD  yeah . And I'm deeply harder to myself .  
And i somehow started to like myself by it  . 
I'm a lot changeing  because i wanna be perfect for someone ♥
When i feelt like I will lost this person something inside me just told me ... STOP ! Saki you have to be better !
Positive if not totally so just more , no more bad moods and if i will have , i don't wanna bother anyone . Just try to take all easy even if it's not . Why I have to care ?
I care just about things wich i want ... Like the SOMEONE
She is perfect for me so I wanna become perfect to her .
It's not like short " in love " .... I can say ... I'm sure i wanna more then just be in relationship few months and END
I wanna be her own and forever.
We both are jealous people so that could do motivation for us like
" I don't like when someone does with her this so i will not do this too "
Ya know like .. both understanding to each others , haveing fun together not like " i wanna pause from ya "
Be best friends but lovers in one .
Ya know... just dreaming .. but if this does exist I wanna have it with this person .
Because how is see now fate wants us together . Now fate helps us . Now all show us in wich way we have to walk .
And i want because on end of this long way i see her waiting .
Maybe it will fail ... But why I have to care about fail ? If it will so siple fate don't want it .Nobody can change fate but everyone can change future or themself .
Believe me :) sometimes it helps like to me . :) ♥

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