December 2012

DIVISION cosplay

18. december 2012 at 10:06 | Sugar Ruki |  Saki Taion ( me )

my weird Dream ~~

18. december 2012 at 9:58 | Sugar Ruki |  Saki Taion ( me )
I'm really getting to be scared of my dreams D:
Sorry for bad english and some wrong words .

My dream started like large chaos. I was going somewhere in city with some lesb girl she was like she want my fb or number etc.. i didn't knew my number i just told her my real name , and some girl started "it can't be !...her sister have another name ! " i was like wtf ?! so i did go home on my pc was big spider when i smack him he was running around and again back on his place like robo and on was on wall that one i did smack 2 times and in moment I was talking with my gf we had argue cuz of something. she did left me , after some days I noticed that I'm missing her and with tears i did go to her and wanted to hug her but she did push me away.
with words like " You had to behave better if you knew what you really want , it didn't happen. I'm happy without you "
Here it started to be strange i did tried a lot stuffs like come again with hmmm "as you want " she just " yep i don't need you " Idk why but after i was cosplaying Ruki of cockroach i was like if my soul see body from window i was at some garden and strange was big really big like house BAG of flowers and me and some person was fitting the flowers on grass to make it look like english garden i looked at myself in the window and saw my soul and my soul saw me after jump back to problem with my gf ....I tried tak to my gf once more like "well i hope you still happy... cuz im not.."...she " yes im and now you will come with i want kill myself /?... bla do ! kill yourself!"" Why not ?! i should feel better dead then without you ."... and i did go away ... here was some another pc and some girl on webcam i did sit to and wrote " nothing helps"..she" you have to kill yourself and all will be fine ".... I did go to living room and took a knife .... and push him to my stomach... that time i did Woke up.

That was so embarassing ! (。-_-。)

10. december 2012 at 7:41 | Sugar Ruki |  Saki Taion ( me )
I love how people even not knowing me and not in my friendlist come and say !(☝ ՞ਊ ՞) " You are bad cosplayer " and block me even not knowing my reply !~ That's what i call stupidity and fear .

In my head it's just like that (*^ー^)ノ :
Cosplay is my hobby , not my life . I can in calm in heart end anyway I dont want . And that someon
e don't like my photos don't make me to stop .
People like this already don't make me to care and only one reason to have write about them it's i found that all embarassing (´._.ˋ) . I alone know if im good or not and compare me to cosplayers who does cosplay about years is already a lot stupid or maybe I'm that good that nobody noticed that im cosplayer only around year and I'm 16 years old . (•。•)

About photoshop
YES YES yes ~!\(//∇//)\ I fucking use photo editors and omg I edit my photos so muchLights ! Background ! i have in my age one fucking acne on cheek ! But why not ? Cosplay is about to look like the person who you cosplay isn't it ? And when something can make you better ... You don't use ? Anyway if you wait I use some profesional editor ... W.R.O.N.G. ( ಠ_ಠ ) ... I have no money and time to loose with editing the main on my face or hair or body . Simply even they are edited it's me with another light efect . If you can not understand . Not my problem .

Last days what happened just cause I finally left friendship with one fucked up person is all getting to be stupid how people behave .
I can't even understand how people let themself to be used by cosplayer just because he looks like someone they love . I know that well some people didn't even talked to me and after i find in message box "I love you , be with me! (*^ω^*) " sorry ... but this is too much I'm not telling you to dislike me but hell !do you even know my real name ??(•。•)

It's already a lot funny how short time of life needs human to find that stupidity of people is endless ( ಠ_ರೃ ) . Well I think I'll stay to be known by fact that people hate me and have normal fans then be loved and took like god and become to bitch who use friends like robotic fighters . (✌゚∀゚)☞

My cosplay team ♥

9. december 2012 at 10:53 | Sugar Ruki |  Saki Taion ( me )

Well I want just say those 4 people around my photo are from my cosplay team international . I love them all as much as i just can D: ♥

I did had with them all a lot of fun even that we did never meet . I love them way :
my Aoi tryes to talk english ♥
how crazy Reita is and how much we have in common ♥
The way my Uruha post heart on wall and his cute reply at all ♥
And how Kai doesn't matter how awesome he is still stay same great friend ♥

I would be glad if you support them on this page . Sure ill be glad even for supporting me ♥ Thanks to all who already hit like button and future thanks to people who will do so .


Maiko Bitch ME (ノ^_^)ノ

9. december 2012 at 9:27 | Sugar Ruki |  Saki Taion ( me )

Madda Fakka !!!!

9. december 2012 at 9:21 | Sugar Ruki |  Saki Taion ( me )

I hope you will get burned as witch of make clone brain robots ! t(-_-t)

I'm no more nice to kind of people like this ¬_¬ END !